Brighton Indoor Draft League 2016

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BIDL 2016

Finals week was thrilling, with practically every single match going against seed! Hungry Hungry Hippos narrowly outmatched Who Even Is Dom Dathan, who were missing Faron this week, and Zack Noe's Best put on a great performance (8-3) against STDs to also reach the final.
Netflicks and Chill pulled out all the stops to achieve a great victory over Snowmen, 7-4 to take 5th place. WEIDD couldn't find their rhythm against STDs in the 3v4, so onto the final!

Zack Noe's Best, featuring mostly Mohawk 1 players (from some great Draft Night work), went up early and went up strong, 6-1 at one point over Hungry Hungry Hippos who were looking very uncomfortable. A surge at the end wasn't enough to get the game back into reach, meaning Zack Noe's Best took it away 8-4 and are BIDL 2016 Champions!

Congratulations also to Spirit winners Snowmen, captained by Arran Belden.

See you in 2017, or sign up for the summer outdoor Brighton Ultimate Draft League (BUDL) when it is announced.

Tonight kicks off with the semi finals - first up, Who even is Dom Dathan vs Hungry Hungry Hippos! The classic Felix vs Edgars matchup, everyone knows there are some big plays to be had - the teams are currently 1-1 in head-to-head record, with HHH having the more convincing victory early in the league!
Next semi - Zack Noe's Best vs STD's - two hard punching high octane teams in the 2v3, STD's won by 2 points in week 1, but the two teams drew 7-7 last week, it could not be any more exciting! The winner of each semi will play the Final at 20:20.

5v6 is Snowmen vs Netflicks and Chill, last week it was 6-2 Snowmen but if Netflicks have a good turnout (Brew and Mental both together ideally!) then it could go either way.

Finals week schedule:

Final league positions, pre-knockout stage:

7th March

One week left of the group stage left, and quite a few of the playoff places are already set in stone.

STD's and Who Even Is Dom Dathan both have the chance to finish 1st (and earn the easier semi final - in theory), but STD's need to catch up a league point - so are relying on Dathan losing against either Anne Skanks, or Zack Noe's Best - who are looking stronger and stronger each week.

Zack can possibly finish 2nd, if they win both their games and STD's lose both theirs (one of these games they are playing against each other this week!), but they are 99.9% guaranteed to be in the 2v3 semi final either way - probably against STD's! Both teams will be trying to suss out the other when playing this week, to get matchups, strategies, and counter-strategies in preparation for their likely semi final match the following week.

Hungry Hungry Hippos have secured the 4th spot in the semis, as Snowmen (missing Fetu and perhaps Fluff) were unable to get a win over Zack or STD's last week. This means Hippos vs Dathan in the 1v4 semi final is likely - Felix vs Edgars always being a good spectacle for the crowd!

Snowmen will face Netflicks and Chill in the 5v6 match for sure - but in a strange coincidence, they will also be playing them this week, so both teams will be scoping each other out and perhaps keeping their cards close to their chest!

29th February

Mid-season report!

It's been a dramatic first few weeks to BIDL, with plenty of huge plays all over the arena pitch, players stepping up to their roles as early picks, or proving they were underestimated on Draft Night. Who even is Dom Dathan?, with Felix and Faron as first 2 picks by Dom, have been storming ahead on the table (with a huge +28 points difference), having only drawn once (to Snowmen) and lost once (to Hungry Hungry Hippos). HHH are 2nd in the table, Edgars, Adrian and Abi blazing the way for captain Ricky, they have 11 league points. With 10 league points but 3 games in hand over HHH, STD's: Stop The Disc look pretty certain of a spot in the 2v3 semi final in three weeks time.

Zack Noe's Best are currently in the all-important 4th spot on the table, one league point ahead of Snowmen, who have played the same number of games and will definitely be trying to get that point back in their remaining 4 games so they can have a spot in the semi finals. Netflicks and Chill have 5 league points, having won 2 games and drawn 1, and are looking likely to remain in 6th unless Desmond can bring together the strong individual elements of his team for some upsets in the last couple of weeks of league matches. Anne Skanks are yet to get a win on the board, despite scoring 19 points in their games - only 8 less than the STD's - and they are starting to work together better as a team with each week that passes, despite needing a few pickups last week!

It's possible Zack's team can get up to 2nd in the table - pressure is on Hungry Hungry Hippos to finish their last league games with strength.

Battles to focus on: Anything involving Zack Noe's Best and Snowmen is critical to getting the last semi-final spot, and this week they are playing against each other! Definitely a game to watch.

If Snowmen can get an upset in their game against STDs, or Zack Noe's Best upset Who even is Dom Dathan the week after, then the table could get real interesting real quick!

Week 2 report!

An exciting week which really showed that there are many teams in the running for BIDL 2016. STD's had a very strong week, winning all three of their games to catapult themselves up to 2nd in the table. "Who even is Dom Dathan?" had a tougher week than wk1, missing Faron this week they were beaten by Hungry Hungry Hippos and drew with DISCombobulated. Zack Noe's Best showed strength after an initial loss to Dathan, getting 2 wins on the board and 3rd place in the table. No team has won all their games, and only Netflicks and Chill and Anne Skanks are without a win so far.

4th Feb:

Teams have been picked and the schedule for week 1 released - check the google spreadsheet for all the info!

BIDL (pronounced 'biddle') brings together all Brighton Ultimate players, new & experienced, to compete indoors over the winter/spring months. Players sign up to the Draft, then on Draft Night everybody meets in The Druids Arms pub and the captains take turns to pick the players they want on their team for the league, before getting to know them over many drinks. The teams are well balanced and there's everything to play for over the course of the league! Check out thCaptains!

Teams compete every Thursday from 7-9pm at BACA - map here - for the title of BIDL Champions 2015.

This is the third time an indoor draft league has been run in Brighton - previously BIDL 2015 and BIDL'14, as well as outdoor draft leagues through the summer; BUDL'15/14/13/12

Starts: Mon 1st Feb (Draft Night), Thursday 4th Feb (Week 1)

Finishes: 17th March

Player fee: £25-29 (£1 increase every week on Sunday)

# players per team: 7-8
Game rules
: 5v5, 18min, 1 timeout per team

Format: TBD

Venue: BACA (map)

How to sign up: Sign up form here!

Stay informedFacebook page


BIDL 2015 Champions: UpperCuts!

After a very strong performance throughout the entire league, UpperCuts narrowly beat The Shy Tedz in the Final of BIDL 2015 to win the gold medals. It was a thrilling match (video below) which saw UpperCuts take an early lead before Shy Tedz clawed it back to 4-4. Many big plays including several close bids and d's between Edgars and Felix in the closing minutes, finishing with UpperCuts turning over whilst 6-5 up, only for the throw to the endzone to be released 1 second too late for Felix's sky catch over Jallen (pictured) to count towards the score, thus Chris Wastell's team of Edgars, Jallen, Lucy Swindells, Football, Jack James and Rossi took the victory.

Aitken's Airbenders took spirit, and pointed out how close the entire league was - they won 5 games and only had -4 points difference, but still ended up 9th.

In the battle for 5th, Doing an Izzy caused an upset with a narrow 5-4 win over Rainbow Eruption. Danger Zone topped the bottom 3 for 7th, and Disctasteful Shirts for a valuable win against Aitken's Airbenders to finish 8th. Videos from finals week can be found here!

UpperCuts - BIDL 2015 Champions

Edgars, Chris Wastell, Rossi

Football, Lucy Swindells, Jallen

Aitken's Airbenders - BIDL 2015 Spirit Winners

Mental Ben, Tom Aitken, Dan Kingston, Benjy

Laura Baker, Rhiannon

BIDL 2015 is over, but BUDIT - the weekend-long Draft Tournament in Brighton, is now open for sign-ups! Head over to the BUDIT 2015 website so you don't miss out!

Spirit Results:

Finals week is here!
Thursday evening will bring us the semi finals followed by the finals for each position (followed by BIDL celebration drinks in the Druids)!

Here're the finishing table positions which set up the final matches:

Danger Zone narrowly missed out on the battle for 5th, instead they will defend 7th against the winner of Aitken's Airbenders and Disctasteful Shirts. Aitken's team with a notably high points difference, and Danger Zone only conceding as many points as 3rd placed Shy Tedz - shows how close all the games were.

Rainbow Eruption, whose captain Isi will hopefully be recovered from tonsillitis, have been missing Brew but have still been performing strong, so it'll be a good battle between them and the ever-improving Doing and Izzy for 5th place.
Then into the top 4. The first semi-final at 7pm will be between UpperCuts and The Salvation Army. UC have shown their strength throughout the league, getting a formidable +33 points difference. Salvation Army beat Shy Tedz early on, but slipped in a couple of games to draw one too many and end up with the hardest semi final matchup. Watch out for the Taran/Adrian/Sam vs Edgars/Jallen matchup here. These two teams met last week, UC coming out 5-3 winners in a tight battle.

Next semi final is Expected Toulouse vs The Shy Tedz - ET missing Mannings and Gill as they battle it out in the World Championships in Dubai, how ET perform will come down to how well their remaining players can connect - which is what they were practicing last week when Tedz came out with an 8-4 win. Lots will be asked of Jack Kadlubowski both as a player and a captain in this battle. The bookies are saying it'll be an UpperCuts v Shy Tedz final of BIDL 2015, but everything is still to play for.
The Final starts shortly after 2020 and will be filmed as usual, followed by a presentation with medals for the winners, and then onto The Druids for BIDL 2015 Celebrations!

Videos from week 7 are now online here.
This week's schedule:

Week 7 preview

Week 7 is the last regular-league week, with week 8 consisting of semis & finals! So, the top 4 as they stand after wk7 will be playing 1v4, 2v3 semi finals on wk8...

As you can see, the top 3 are certain of getting into the semis. Doing an Izzy technically can come 4th over Shy Tedz, but would need Tedz to lose to Rainbow Eruption and Expected Toulouse, and Izzy to beat Danger Zone and Salvation Army - by so much that 25 points difference is negated - so an average of each game being won/lost by over 6 points. Quite a big ask, but possible!

Rainbow Eruption also have a chance of getting 4th, potentially, but they have to win all three of their games and Tedz have to lose both of theirs, again by an average of 6 points per game.

Toulouse might be able to get above UpperCuts, but again it would require a huge points difference comeback. If Tedz win more games than Salvation Army tonight (not including draws) then they will take 3rd and play Toulouse instead of UpperCuts in the semi final next week.

Everything to play for to get into 6th place for the 5v6 match (below 4th, teams don't play semis) - Rainbow Eruption, Aitken's Airbenders, Danger Zone and Doing an Izzy all able to get into the 5v6, depending on results. The bottom finisher from them will play Disctasteful Shirts on wk8, and the winner of that match will play for 7th.

Matches to watch this week: Doing an Izzy v Danger Zone, The Shy Tedz v Rainbow Eruption, Aitken's Airbenders v Danger Zone, and Aitken's Airbenders v Rainbow Eruption!

Videos from week 5 & 6 are going up here.

Week 4 report

Disctasteful Shirts picked up their first victory late last night, defeating a Jonny-less Shy Tedz team. Added to their draw means they currently have 3 points on the table. Shy Tedz also didn't manage to take advantage of UpperCuts lacking Edgars last week, missing out in a close game 6-5. UpperCuts went on to draw with Salvation Army, who are only 2 points behind them at the top of the table.
Expected Toulouse are joint 3rd on the table with Shy Tedz, but have a game in hand. Their win against Aitken's Airbenders (4-3) helped them get there, but they drew against Doing An Izzy (6-6), meaning Izzy's team are 6th in the table with 8 pts, just behind Rainbow Eruption on 9 - Izzy with a game in hand though.
Rainbow missed Brew, and although they scored 4 in each of their games, it wasn't enough to beat The Salvation Army or Doing an Izzy. Looks like there's a battle going on there between the two female-captained teams who are 1-1 in head-to-head matches - could go down to points difference between them, everything to play for!

Aitken's Airbenders had a stormer against Disctasteful Shirts, winning 9-0 in the first clean sweep of BIDL 2015 - making it even more impressive that Shirts went on to beat The Shy Tedz later in the day - check out the video of that game. The Airbenders lost 7-3 to Salvation Army in their last match of the evening.

Week 3 report

After storming the cricket pitch at 7pm, BIDL week 3 kicked off with a rematch from wk2 - Shy Tedz vs Airbenders. Having lost 7-6 the previous week, Tom's team were hungry for revenge, but it wasn't to be - Tedz held a lead and won out 6-4. Tedz went on to beat Rainbow Eruption (missing Brew) 7-3, and then drew with Expected Toulouse after Toulouse had a great comeback, Mannings being on the receiving end of a few points near the end rather than throwing them. A successful week for the Tedz who rise to 2nd in the table, just behind UpperCuts on points difference. Toulouse had a good 5-3 victory over Disctasteful Shirts earlier in the evening and are now placed 3rd in the table, with two games in hand.

Chris' UpperCuts team only had one game this week, vs Doing an Izzy, and won out 6-3, retaining their place at the top of the table with only 1 loss - and a game in hand. Doing an Izzy were playing that match immediately after an incredibly tight match against Danger Zone, which finished 4-4! Both teams have 5 points on the table.

Danger Zone had another draw later in the day - 4-4 against Aitken's Airbenders, who are also on 5 points - everything to play for between those teams who are only separated by points difference!

The evening ended with Roadie scoring on the buzzer for Rainbow Eruption against Aitken's Airbenders, a critical point to win the game 7-6! Rainbow are in the all-important 4th place in the table (5th don't get a shot at the semi finals) - however Salvation Army are just 1 point behind them and have two games in hand after having a rest week this week!

Table is updated on the spreadsheet (Schedule / Teams / Table), another great week at BIDL and we look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

Week 2 report

What an exciting week! Three draws and four other games within 2 points - this is the kind of close competition we like to see at BIDL!

League table is now online - under the 'Schedule/Teams' link above. Every team has at least drawn a game, and no team has won every game!

Currently UpperCuts are top of the table with 10 points - Chris' green team with Edgars showing why he was first pick of the draft, this team has strength and depth - although have been criticised (drama) for not fielding their only female player often enough, even when facing 2 on the line of the opposing team. In week 1 they lost to Expected Toulouse, Jack K's 4th placed team with the deadly Mannings to Loz combo play helping them to an 7-6 win. Toulouse were beaten last week by Danger Zone, Joe's Mohawk freshers (plus the amazingly quick-learning Quino), with Callum and Christian being the driving force behind what is undoubtedly the most intense team of BIDL, currently 8th in the table after drawing 5-5 in a thrilling game against Disctasteful Shirts. Disctasteful are currently 9th despite that draw and many close games - Stella was on fire this week, skying guys and throwing touch flick hucks the length of the pitch for Will Seth and Thortu to bring down.

The Salvation Army - Zak's team with the athletic Taran and Adrian giving teams a good run around - beat Disctasteful 5-4 last week, and came back from behind against The Shy Tedz to take that game 6-5. This week, in a rematch against Shy Tedz, they went up early but couldn't hold on to it, and ended up with a 5-5 draw, putting them 2nd in the table with 8 points. Tedz, captained by Jack Shannon, have won all their games except for the ones against Salvation Army - this week narrowly beating the yellow Aitken's Airbenders with Mental and Bob 7-6 in a very exciting match. Tom's team have had a load of close games, and are 6th in the table with 4 pts and only -1 points difference, and will be getting a rematch against Tedz next week - potentially a chance for revenge. This week they won 6-5 over Doing an Izzy - Izzy's team with Abi and Stu, who have suffered from Fetu spraining his ankle recently putting him out for a few weeks, but Chad has stepped up to pull off some amazing plays, and they are performing great with 2 wins so far against Disctasteful Shirts, putting them 7th in the table.
Rainbow Eruption, Isi's red team with Jack Fidler and the ruthless pulls of Hannah Brew, were missing Dan K this week but beat Izzy's team 7-3 and got a fantastic draw against The Salvation Army too. Having also beaten Danger Zone last week, they're placed 5th in the table with 5 points and a game in hand.

Hope you've enjoyed the first two weeks of BIDL 2015, check out the league table under 'Schedule/Teams' - it's early days at the moment and we're already seeing players improve insanely fast, so there is everything to play for! Top 4 teams at the end of the league will advance to the semi finals!

Game Schedule here:

Mon 1st Feb: Draft Night, 8:30pm, Druids!

Thursdays 7pm - 9pm;

4th Feb: Week 1

11th Feb: Week 2

18th Feb: Week 3

25th Feb: Week 4

3rd Mar: Week 5

10th Mar: Week 6
th Mar: Week 7 (Finals!)

League rules:

No gender/mixed rules.

Pick ups: If you don't have five players, you may pick up player, but they must have been picked in a later round than your highest-round missing player. If you are missing two, then your second pick up must have been picked in a later round than your second highest-round missing player, and so on.

On the whistle, when the disc is caught and ground contact made, the game stops. Greatests are allowed.

No points cap. Games will be around 18 minutes in length. One 30-second time-out per team, must be taken between points, and not in the last three minutes.

All players must be basic UKU and BU members, as this covers them for insurance!

BIDL 2015 Draft Night