Brighton Indoor Draft League 2016

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Captain: Dom Burnham

Team: Who even is Dom Dathan?

A Sussex Fresher, you've probably seen me before on YouTube reaching those double figure views. Already achieved my life goal of scoring a point for Mo1 so this will be my final tournament, a testimonial if you will.

Captain: Arran Belden

Team: DISCombobulated

"A captain I am, 

I spend time throwing, 

I hope you'll adore 

this average poem. 

My name is Arran, 

My spirit is poor, 

We'll play ultimate, 

With sumptuous rigour. 

Our throws will be sick,

Our D's isolated,

Our foe will become,


Captain: Ricardo Fungairino

Team: Hungry Hungry Hippos

"I’m going to dominate the world. I’m going to rule the world and become president of Earth. No of course not. That’s a little too ambitious.  I'll just be the captain of this team, that sounds good enough.

I'm not the best, nor am I that good, but I'm sure we'll get along just fine as long as you're willing to have a good time, regardless of winning or losing (but don't worry we're gonna win this easy, I mean c'mon, I'm on the team)

P.S. I have the best hairstyle out of all frisbee players, by far"

Captain: Desmond Mombo

Team: Netflicks and Chill

"I’ve been fighting all my life, (insert montage of struggles) and this just another fight, but for once the odds are in my favour. Don’t let my lack of experience fool you, I strive to be a great leader having already captained Mohawks 2 to indoor greatness, and vice captaining Mohawks 2 to outdoor mediocrity and not to mention SICKO beginner MVP, I am destined for greatness and looking others to join me on the journey to success.

(Also to have fun, meet new people, have good spirit, improve skills and wreck noobs).

“Life is a competition and I’m a winner”

-          Desmond Mombo, 2011"

Captain: Cam Samuels

Team: STD's: Stop The Discs

"My name is Cameron, I love spaghetti, beer an-... This isn’t! My name is Cameron, Captain of the STD’s, thrower of awful discs and catcher of none. I will lead my team to victory (and/or to the pub) and we shall have our prize (and/or beer)! Fairly new to the game so I tend to get caught up in the banter, Spirit and drinking/partying that is involved in the game but I am hugely competitive... and usually hungover. I’ll put 110% into the game if you do. WE WILL HAVE OUT VICTORY IN THIS TOURNAMENT... OR THE NEX-... Nahh, we’re gonna smash this one. Peace."

Captain: Robbie Crace

Team name: Anne Skanks

"Brighton fresher, looking for like minded people who like hunting for hidden nazi gold and playing frisbee"

Captain: Zack Noe

Team name: TBD

"If you're not first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights

2015 (last year)

Captain: Zak Salvage

Team: The Salvation Army

On the third day of the first month, we shall run to battle with our knives and hammers. This will determine the gods from the peasants, some will get injured and some will cry over their loses........but with my guidance and leadership skills we will triumph this league. You will find that I am never the same person, may it be weird, funny, or grumpy (tends to be when hungover), but at the end of the day I am a easy going guy.

See you on the frontline, Zak Salvage

Captain: Nick Stewart

Team: Disctasteful Shirts

For all of BIDL, it is decided that I shall be donning awful shirts, and may even adopt them as team kit! However, what WON'T be awful will be our scores! I'm Nick, a Sussex uni fresher, and I only started ultimate last term with Mohawks, so don't expect the world from me. But I'm enthusiastic, up for a good game, and keen to do as well as I can! All I want from my players is to do their best, have fun, make friends and, (most likely), get drunk and party after the match! So put on your worst shirt, pick up your frisbee, and come and win BIDL with me!

Captain: Joe Coombes

Team: Danger Zone

If you can put as much dedication and enthusiasm into this team as you do into pizza and netflix then we should do just fine

Captain: Jack Kadlubowski

Team: Expected Toulouse

If you like anyone of these films you are very much welcome: Lord of the Rings, Any Tarantino film, Star wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Indiana Jones or any Will Ferrell film, you qualify for this team, I'll buy a pint to whoever uses the best quote through each game. I'm here for having a cracking time while playing Frisbee and we'll probably win. If you turn up to a game hungover with a mouth like Gandhi's foot, I'll probably congratulate you and you'd be MVP all game. So if you're a handler, cutter, end - zone dude, hammerer, jumper, catcher, drinker, come chill with 'Expected Toulouse'. Peace

Captain: Izzy Collins

Team: Doing an Izzy

Sooo... Even though I'm severely lacking in experience, I'm extremely enthusiastic. What's the point in playing Frisbee if you aren't going to have fun?! Be warned, I laugh at everyone's bad throws, only because I can't do any better! However, I will be taking credit for everyone else's amazing ideas on my team. For people who don't know me, 'Doing an Izzy' ranges from me being a keen bean, getting horrendously drunk at socials and, of course, wearing crop tops/generally not much clothing. The aim of the game is to have fun... and win, winning is definitely important. See you on Draft Night!

Captain: Isi Vasileva

Team: Rainbow Eruption

"A beer is better after a good run"

Being a fresher, surrounded by experienced players, having a confidence is very important.

I was impressed that the combination of competitiveness and good spirit in a sport is possible, that's what made me join the Frisbee 'family', plus getting drunk together after tournaments is wicked.

As I grown up on court, playing basketball for 10 years, I know that space awareness, fast decisions and sharp cutting are very important skills.

So if you think your brain is sharp enough to lead the game and your body is toned enough to follow....Join my team. A team where we can unite our biggest strengths in a rainbow eruption for a win :-)

Captain: Tom Aitken

Team: Aitken's Airbenders

Captains Log, date: sometime near Christmas 2014. I've just survived my first term of frisbee and it's a brutal world. Knives and hammers fly through the air fast and often so I must travel light and be on guard at all times. I've started to integrate myself into the world of the Mohawks, travelling to various skirmishes in the region and I believe I'm becoming one of them. 

Now it is my turn to lead souls into battle and I'm looking for brave, vigilant warriors who can barrel down at sudden death, who can make a bid against a giant and who can layout when it isn't at all called for.

Captain: Jack Shannon

Team: The Shy Tedz

From a simple farming village in the fields of Ireland, mingling with the wild beasts that roam the land, I believe I have picked up the necessary outdoor skillzz required to survive and thrive in frisbee. Unfortunately this has no relevance to this tournament because it is indoors….however I can offer good "craic" ("banter") and frisbee fun. I also have a disc which is good I guess? 

Anyway..I've been playing frisbee for a few months now so I can promise that this team will be better than average and that we all have fun as "frisbee friends" because we all play frisbee and hopefully will become friends……….but the question is…can we do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke? YES WE CAN. 

So join me as we chump every other team in Brighton and have loads of fun times whilst doing so. My team are also certainly not expected Toulouse and anyone who joins must display their hatred for rainbows. Please the frisbee Gods…JOIN ME

Any team member is more than welcome to leave "Motivational Captaincy Beverages" at my front door. 

Thank you.

That will be all.

Captain: Chris Wastell

Team: UpperCuts

A new Mohawk Looking forward to the BIDL season of 2015. Don’t drop the disc and we will do just fine!

And now an adaption of a fictional quote by Tolkien: “One Disc to rule them all, One Disc to find them, One Disc to bring them all and in the darkness (of BIDL) bind them”

#SmashingKidsSince2k15  #InItToWinIt.

Signing off,

Captain Chris