Brighton Indoor Draft League 2016

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Adam Joolia

Played for: Avatarz

Started: Aug 2011

"Reasonable throws for mid and short range. Avoids hucks except the odd big hammer. Quite jumpy, enjoy grabs. Slow but sometimes fast (lazy)"

Isla Wilson 

Played for: Plymouth uni, Devon, Pier Pressure

Started: 2011

Fave throw: Back hand 

"Played for 3 years at uni at regionals and nationals! Played tour for various teams! "

Can't make: 25th Feb


Player for: rough sleepers, smash & grab

Started: 1996

Fave throw: upside down backhand

Brad Pitt film: Django Unchained

"u don't know me? uh

thats ok, you don't owe me.

i could be your homie

that dont mean you gotta throw to me

i can make a d and make some space,

i can follow u and you can f'low wid me...;)"

Can't make: 11th Feb

Vicki James

Played for: Mohawks, GB U20's

Started: September 2014

Fave throw: Blade

Brad Pitt film: Mr and Mrs Smith

"It's all a lie, I didn't play for GB, I'm just really good at photoshop.

Prepare to be wreck'd on, chumps."

David Oshinyemi

Played for: mo1

Started: last year

Fave throw: backhand of doom

Brad Pitt film: Killing them soflty

"Since 2014 I have played in many tournaments I have played for the disc my life is the disc "

Rose T.

Played for: Mohawks, Brighton Beautiful, Dark Side

Started: 2014

Fave throw: Mournful hammer

Brad Pitt film: True Romance, as stoner roommate Floyd!

"Happy to play wherever but probably better handling.

Full of inappropriate thoughts to share with the team.

Regular wearer of excellent/ridiculous hair.

Down for shits n giggles, daft kit and winning!"

Jack James

Played for: Mohawks, Brighton Shiny

Started: September 2014

Fave throw: Thumber

Brad Pitt film: Seven

"Played for a bit, will do anything to the same level of mediocre. Will flip for frisbees."


Played for: Mohawks, Brighton Beautiful

Started: September 2012

"This year I've tried to improve on jumping higher, running faster and doing anything to do with defence. This year I've actually improved on drinking port, and being Indian."


Played for: Mohawks

Started: Sep-13

Fave throw: blade

Brad Pitt film: Mr and Mrs Smith

"I like frisbee and socialising :) I'm a cutter who prefers to do the minimum amount of throwing possible but I do like to run around a lot."

James 'Jallen' Allen

Played for: Mohawks, Coathangers, Brighton Shiny

Started: Sept-2011

Fave throw: Pitch-length Scoober

Brad Pitt film: Snatch

"I once had a 0% pass completion rate during a 40 minute game."


Played for: Mohawks, Black Hawks Down, Brighton Pretty, UQ Lovers

Started: Sept-13

Fave throw: blade

Brad Pitt film: Se7en

"I like throwing and running for a frisbee.

I also like defence and chocolate. I will eat lots of chocolate and might bring some for the team sometimes. ;)"

Christian Turvill

Played for: Mohawks, city, breezy, cult, sunnyD

Started: 2012

Fave throw: tech9

Brad Pitt film: kick ass?

"I take BIDL far too seriously, I might have a problem"


Played for: Various Czech and Slovak teams

Started: 2007

Fave throw: Blade

Brad Pitt film: Inglorious Basterds

"I play for a long time but not very high intensity. My throwing skills leave much to be desired, but playing indoors can conceal that a bit (no wind really makes a difference for me). Also running shorter distances suits me well, as 100 metres is long distance for me, not sprint. What is not so good about playing indoors is that I cannot bring our dog Luna (that some of you may remember from BUDL 2014). I am a quick cutter and don't like handling at all."

Sarah Davis

Played for: Mohawks, ATBB, reading...

Started: 1999

Fave throw: Big loopy forehand

Brad Pitt film: Twelve monkeys

"Ex ex ex Mohawk"

Tom Mannings

Played for: C.U.N.T, St Nuc

Started: 2008

Fave throw: The Herdwick Sheepskin

Brad Pitt film: Thelma and Louise

"The aforementioned superstar pick. Will feign modesty when I get picked first. Unlikely to win BIDL as I’ll be playing on another level to the rest of my team and opposition but at least if you’re on my team I’ll try to explain why you’re playing wrong."

Joe Newman

Played for: Mohawks 2

Started: 2013

Fave throw: Backhand

Brad Pitt film: Fight Club

"You may know me as Fish Hands, I can run a lot but pretty average in every other respect.

Sorry I don't know what else to tell you :("

Luis Semple

Played for: Mo2, discrimintation

Started: September

Fave throw: Scoober

Brad Pitt film: Fury

"Sussex Mohawks fresher (Mo2), fast but you'd never know because of my bad stamina, "6'2 which barely helps and apparently I throw scoobers a lot."

Tom Aitken

Played for: Mohawks1

Started: Sept 2014

Fave throw: Flick

Brad Pitt film: Fight Club

"Happy to play anywhere.

Good on defence.

Will run hard for cash."

James Scott

Played for: Sussex Mohawks

Started: 3 months ago

Fave throw: into the ceiling

Brad Pitt film: Snatch

"I'm the shaggy haired, American guy with a tendency to throw a disc into the ceiling. If I were to describe my frisbee playing abilities it would be that I'm pretty good at being not too bad"

Can't make: 28th Jan (Draft Night, optional)


Played for: Mo1 Sunny D

Started: 2k14 September

Fave throw: Filthy Low releases

Brad Pitt film: World War Z........

"I add ethnic diversity into the team"

Will Hammond

Played for: Mo2

Started: 2014

Fave throw: There are more throws than the hammer?

Brad Pitt film: I like the Oceans

"Its the final of Bidl (hardcore realist), we're all level with seconds to go, the disc in our endzone. Cometh the hero who throws an exquisite hammer to win the game. It is purely this moment which will define my Bidl season. 

Also I really like to win and sometimes enthusiastically clap a lot. Its all positive"


Played for: Mohawks, BU City, C.U.N.T, Pier Pressure

Started: 2011

Fave throw: Flumber

Brad Pitt film: Burn after reading

"I will do anything. Anything!!!!"

Jake Betson

Played for: Mohawks 2

Started: Sept 2015

Fave throw: Low release backhand

Brad Pitt film: 12 Years a Slave

"At Sussex Uni studying Mechanical Engineering. I am quite chilled out but still competitive when playing and always want to win - who likes losing right? 

Average for someone who has been playing for 3 months. Like to think I am spacially aware and my defence is the best part of my game thus far."

Craig "Thortu" Gazzard

Played for: Black Hawks Down, Mohawks.

Started: 2013

Fave throw: Hammer

Brad Pitt film: Fury

"Fast, agile, graceful and skilled. All of these words will never truly give you an idea of my potential. Despite my appearance I am a titan of the frisbee arena. 

I have a tendency to look like I'm faking a hammer but really its a warning that I'm going to throw a hammer. Sometimes they are caught.

I'm also allergic to running unless bribed with rum. RUM. 

Founding member of the world famous Black Hawks Down mixed team.

"Craig's really good at catching" - someone, 2015

Please don't pick me."


Played for: Mohawks, Brighton City, GB Open, Clapham

Started: 2000

Fave throw: Upside-down wristhook

Brad Pitt film: Fight Club

"I like to throw and I like to catch"

Can't make: 3rd March


Played for: Ogre(LV), Life is good(LV), Brighton1(UK), Dolgorukije(Ru), Brighton City(UK)

Started: 2002

Fave throw: Flick

"Favourite offence - Mex

Favourite Defence - Flex

Favourite position on field - all of them

Best I do - layouts when its an option:)"

Dave Prendergrast

Played for:  n/a

Started: Now

Fave throw: I'll find out soon...

Brad Pitt film: Probably Snatch

"Sounds like fun! I like playing frisbee, I like running around, turns out there's a game which combines the two... I'm pretty active so hopefully I'll be able to learn pretty quick."

Zak Salvage

Played for: Brighton Panthers

Started: 2014

Fave throw: Knife

Brad Pitt film: Moneyball

Captained the Salvation Army to a third place finish last year and would be rude if i didn't apply again.

Dom Parker

Played for: Panthers

Started: October 2015

Fave throw: Hammer

Brad Pitt film: N/a

Started playing Frisbee this year, been to a few of the tournaments, prefer offence to defense and can sometimes catch and throw.

Adrian Barley

Played for: Panthers, Smash and Grab

Started: Last year 

Fave throw: Overhead thumber

Brad Pitt film: Mr and Mrs Smith

"I like to throw hammers, knives and chicken wings at people.

Frisbee's also fun."

Can't make: 3rd March

Nick Stewart 

Played for: Mohawks 3 and 2, Disctasteful Shirts and Dark Side of the Force

Started: Late 2014

Fave throw: Scoober 

Brad Pitt film: Snatch, obviously. 

"I'm that guy from last year who didn't quite understand the idea of a draft league and put together a jokes team instead of a winning one. Long story short, we didn't actually come last. When it comes to frisbee, I'm a Handler who likes to play it safe."

Rob 'Roadie' Ellis

Played for: Mohawks, Coathangers, various brighton teams

Started: September 2011

Fave throw: scoober

Brad Pitt film: Mr & Mrs Smith

Former mohawk, graduated last summer haven't trained or really played properly since. Availability likely to change week on week and probably wont bother turning up if we only have one game that week due to commute. 

Can't make: 28th Jan (Draft Night)

Sam Bell

Played for: C.U.N.T / Pier Pressure / KNIFECRIME / Panthers

Started: 2008

Fave throw: Bang / Wang 

Brad Pitt film: 12 Monkeys or The Departed

"The most successful draft player to date boasting a cabinet full of draft medals.

Results don't lie. Deal with it."


Played for: Clapham, Shotgun, Hombres, Smash & Grab, Fever, Brighton Ledgends

Started: 1980

Fave throw: Slow Mo Sidearm

Brad Pitt film: Johnny Suede

"Old & slow, but a team player (so prepared to accept my age related limitations and sit on the sideline yelling)."

Can't make: 28th Jan (Draft Night)


Played for: Mohawks, All things Brighton Beautiful, Breezy, GBu23

Started: Oct-12

Fave throw: Dump pop-pass

"I like to play frisbee with fun-loving people who jump on-board the come-back train if we're losing instead of getting a grump on! I can run quite a lot and am able to make my feet leave the floor if a disc is above my head. Scoobers are not in my portfolio and my other throws are hit and miss but I'm pretty safe on pitch."

Can't make: 28th Jan (Draft Night - optional), 25th Feb


Played for: Mohawks, BU2

Started: 2008

Fave throw: JC Pushpass

Brad Pitt film: 12 Monkeys

"I'm really into Listerine right now. It was on offer at Sainsbros.

I pretend its not about the having fun. but thats a lie. play with a smile on your face. love indoors."


Played for: Mo2 at a tournament (Poole?)

Started: Oct-2015

Fave throw: Hammer

Brad Pitt film: Fight Club

"Fairly new to Frisbee but I'm not too bad at it. Having fun is more important to me than winning the game ( But I would eat all you losers for breakfast anyday)! Party after every game is necessary. Live. Laugh. Love. Fuck the Haterzzzz!! Die young! Peace Out"

Will Seth

Played for: SMASH'D, Hamclap, Mohawks

Started: 2014

Fave throw: Upside down low release backhand

Brad Pitt film: Se7en

"Sometimes I'm very good, sometimes I'm very bad. Usually do a lot of catching in the endzone."


Played for: Mohawks, Black Hawks Down, Dark Side of the Force

Started: 2013

Fave throw: Hammer

Brad Pitt film: Twelve Monkeys. Tree of Life was the absolute worst film I'm ever fucking seen

"I float about in different roles, but I'm mostly a handler. I am sooo up for wearing awful kit, I thrive in dodgy prints and bad hats.

Pump out some Miley Cyrus and I'll get a 70-80% speed boost for 3 minutes"

Peter Markham

Played for: Panthers

Started: Oct-14

Fave throw: Err... don't really have one.

Brad Pitt film: Mr & Mrs Smith

"Second year at Panthers, currently trying to take things less seriously than last year. Pretty tall (which apparently helps) able to run kinda fast-ish (for reasonably short periods of time) and even able to catch the Frisbee (every so often). I put my all into the game and try to come out with a smile (and no injuries). So yeah, that's me."

Dan Prichard

Played for: Mohawks / Discrimination

Started: Sept 2015

Fave throw: Flick

Brad Pitt film: Brangelina Sex Tape

"Upcoming Hawk, SICKO fresher finalist and recently promoted to Mo 2. 

Still looking for that indoor layout catch to clinch a title and inevitable glory. 

Very ambitious, see above."

Laurence 'Gillian' Gill

Played for: Brighton City, GB beach mixed, Cut Under Next Time

Started: 2005

Fave throw: Hammer

Brad Pitt film: A View to a Gill

"I have been playing a while and like playing indoors. Oh sorry did you want me to write something interesting / funny here, have got anything funny. Or interesting. I could only think of that to write. Soz."

Can't make: 18th Feb


Played for: Mohawks, IpohBugs

Started: Dec-12

Fave throw: Sidearm

Brad Pitt film: Not gonna mention

"Most importantly, an Asian from Malaysia (Malaysians rocks)! Currently first year playing for the Mo1 outdoors and indoors for Mo2 as a wing/handler. Played dump/handler in his previous team back in Malaysia. A guy who is hungry for frisbee experience."

Zadkiel Yeo

Played for: Mo 2 / Dark Side of the Force

Started: Sept 2014

Fave throw: Backhand

Brad Pitt film: Ocean's Eleven

"Started playing Sept 14.

Played in Singapore in the summer of 15.

Back on the team since Sept 15 (:"


Played for: Panthers/ Uppercuts/ Spain U23 Open

Started: 2012

Fave throw: the shovel

Brad Pitt film: Seven

"I cant really jump, i tend to throw longer than an indoor pitch length, i poach off loads, and im always sidelining, what more do you want?"

Can't make: 28th Jan (Draft Night), 4th Feb


Played for: Mohawks, Brighton 2, Get in my Van, Pier Pressure

Started: 2007/08

Fave throw: Knife

Brad Pitt film: Se7en

"Played for Mohawks from my 2nd year before moving onto Brighton's 2nd club team for a few years. For most of this time I was a receiver. Then started playing more of a handler role. Now I guess an all rounder.

A good pick to complement your superstar first choice. (that's code for throwing a lot of knifes!)"

Tristan Gunderson

Played for: Brighton Panthers

Started: 2012

Fave throw: OI flick

Brad Pitt film: Kick-Ass

"Played 3 years in a community league and recently joined the Brighton Panthers."


Played for: Lots. Some GB, some not GB.

Started: 2011

Fave throw: IO flick break with lots of OI.

Brad Pitt film: Films a where he has minimum clothes.

"I am fun. I pretend that's it's not about the winning - that's a lie, I want to win. I am a good thrower, an average receiver. If you pump me up, I'll play good defence. I am good at toeing in -valuable indoor skill. I beat Desmond's team in the final of Sicko with my beginners team. Sorry Desmond. 

Accolades include - previous captain of the Dolls and Goon indoor team. Winner of a disc golf game on Brighton Campus 2014. Winner of most red wine thrown up on the morning after of my red wine party debut in Paga 2013. And finally captain of the first Panthers Mixed team that successfully qualified for Div 2 Nationals where we came third.

I currently coach Brighton women's team, I am willing to coach them bad things so that we can win. BIDL > Tour.

Pick me."

Lewis Cockle

Played for: Mohawks

Started: 2013/14

Fave throw: Flicks

Brad Pitt film: Fight club or se7en

"I like spirit. I have been known to run. I like frisbee."


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